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Webroot antivirus activation enables security layer for device across network. it has feature set to make layers secuirty. To make benefits of webroot antivirus enter 20 digit webroot key code is required to be entered on official website. After this user can download, install and activate webroot safe products.

Where to find webroot keycode?

The 20-digit alphanumeric webroot activation is required to activate the webroot account. It can be either in the mail address when purchased online or on the backside of the card when purchased offline. It includes the letters and numbers, divided with hyphens in between. Webroot code and looks like xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx

Download and install webroot secureaywhere product

  1. Visit the official website to download webroot safe that is webroot com safe
  2. Login or create webroot account
  3. Get the software just by clicking the download or install option.
  4. Open the downloaded folder where the setup file has been download.
  5. Click on "next" button, it will automatically asked to enter code
  6. Now enter the 20 digit webroot product key
  7. Wait for the installation to complete and then restart your computer.

How to activate webroot safe with keycode?

  1. Go to the webroot secureaywhere file
  2. Accept the terms and conditions to activate webroot safe
  3. Now on the screen you see space where you need to enter webroot key code in the activation box and click enter.
  4. After that, user have to wait for the activation message.
  5. After the activation message, your webroot product will be activated for the further use.